45+ Stylish Metal Building Homes You Have To See

Stylish homes built with metal

If you want to build a home which is robust, flexible and stylish, going for a steel frame construction is a great idea. Inspired by the hurricane and tornado-proof buildings of rural America, this style of building has a few advantages to traditional brick and mortar building techniques.

Rapid Construction

With a steel frame building, construction time is slashed in comparison to brick and mortar building. Your metal home can be fabricated off-site and transported in flatpack form to the building site, before being bolted together on top of a concrete foundation. Walls and roofs can then be rapidly thrown up with metal sheeting and insulation materials, before adding the windows and exterior doors. This method of construction takes a large amount of careful planning and a lead time in the construction of the metal components but requires far less build time on site, frequently a source of great expense and delay in any project. 

Layout Flexibility

Once the exterior shell of the building is complete, you are free to partition your interior space however you wish, as no interior walls will be load-bearing; the steel frame takes care of all that. This gives you immense freedom in your interior design, where you can go for spacious open-plan layouts and change your layout with much less hassle compared to a traditionally constructed home. 


Steel built homes are very robust and will last a very long time with a minimum of maintenance effort. Originally built to survive the high winds experienced in the tornado and hurricane swept areas of the United States, your steel frame home will be less prone to damage by high winds and storms. If you’re living out in the sticks, this may be a great advantage over a traditional brick and mortar home, which may be less resilient.

Architectural Flexibility

A steel-framed home can be built in a variety of styles. The original examples of this style come from rural areas of the United States and therefore display characteristic rural styling, but a steel frame can be almost any shape you wish. Traditional building shapes or boxy modern designs are more readily constructed from linear steel beams but steel can be fabricated in any shape. If budget is not an issue a metal-framed build can be whatever shape you like and still be structurally sound.

Concluding Remarks

Metal framed building practices thus have a number of advantages to the home builder who wants a sturdy, flexible, new build which will last a lifetime or more. So don’t be afraid to consider a stylish metal-framed construction in your next project.

Some pictures showing how metal frame homes could look:

source: mts_inc_bc

source: adhouseplans

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