7 Helpful Tips For Designing Your Rustic Kitchen

The interior of the home is where many crucial design choices are going to be made. The home’s architectural style and current motif will dictate a great deal of the decision making. A rustic kitchen is a wonderful addition to any home, though. Read on to learn more about all of the following tips that are going to allow your design dreams come to life.

Bringing The Outdoors Inside

Utilizing wood that is aligned with the part of the country that you are living in is a nice touch. The wood that is chosen typically depends on the views from this area of the home. If the kitchen offers various views of surrounding flora, choosing wood that is a good match is in your best interests.

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Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood flooring is typically the best choice for a rustic kitchen. Tiled flooring is the go to in many instances but hardwood flooring truly offers the rustic appeal that you are going for. The floors should have a natural that is not overly glossy.

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Adding Exposed Beams

As anyone who has ever spent time in a rustic kitchen knows, it can be tough to imagine a kitchen without any exposed beams. Even if the kitchen does not already have them, they can be added for a relatively minimal amount. Fake support beams are a common fixture in such rooms.

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Creating a Truly Natural Look

When we imagine a rustic kitchen and what it is going to look like once it is completed, we tend to imagine a more natural appearance. To create a natural look for your rustic kitchen, use plenty of natural materials. Wrought iron, stone, clay and terracotta are all useful depending on the region of the country where the kitchen is being designed.

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Natural lighting is an absolute must when it comes to enhancing the aforementioned look. Skylights are a common choice for those who are looking to let a bit of natural light into their rustic kitchen. Bay windows are also a popular selection, as well as oversize windows.

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Farmhouse Sinks

This is a design choice that is definitely going to turn more than a few heads when your guests stop by. Design elements like these should always be used as a means of allowing your rustic kitchen to stand out. Copper, iron and granite sink materials are among the top choices for this fixture.

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Color Palettes 

While the colors that are chosen will vary depending on the region, design motif and visible flora, there are a few different colors to select from. The best advice that we can give is to choose a color that provides a feeling of warmth. Natural materials, such as clay or sand, can also be used as a form of inspiration. 

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