Best Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

If you live in a country side or at least your heart belongs there, you probably love rustic interior design. Simplicity and charm, these two words perfectly describe it. But what does it actually mean and how to decorate your rustic bedroom to achieve best possible result? Today we are going to find out that. 

It’s obvious that main rustic bedroom furniture has to be bed. Bed frame is very important here. Rough timber is the best option for it. Typically rough timber bed frames are bigger so you should leave extra space for it. But it also mean that you going to have KING SIZE bed.

Another important furniture is armchair. Don’t buy a new one, the older the better. You can simply clean it, recoat the wood and that’s it! Put it next to the window together with a small table there you could hold a cup of coffee or a book. 

The final element in your rustic bedroom should be heavy and opaque curtains. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with a colour. Purple, turquoise or white colour should look amazing there.

It’s always better to see some great examples of rustic bedroom furniture before doing something with your own. Please find it bellow

Source: rustic.dreams

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