Bring The Countryside To The Town: Creating A Rustic Home Decor

Rustic Home

Many of us want to return to the land but live in the city. Wherever you reside, you can create a rustic home decor by following a few simple design principles; making the most of natural materials, furniture choices and lighting, to create a pastoral theme in your space.

Colours and Materials

To create a rustic home decor you must first set up the colours and textures of your home. Lighter shades on the walls look best and create a canvas on which to apply artwork or curiosities. Natural materials on walls and floors look great if you have the budget, with all-wood flooring working best in the living room, halls and bedrooms and tiles or stone in the kitchen and bathroom. Quality rugs and curtains can create a sense of luxury but should be in keeping with the rustic style. 

Furniture and Lighting

Furniture choices are critical to creating the rustic home atmosphere, with all-wood furniture looking best. Antiques really help create a rustic vibe and need not be too expensive if you look online for Edwardian pieces. Dining tables and chairs for the dining room, four-poster beds, free-standing vintage baths and luxurious antique sofas, build the theatrics of your rustic home decor. Lighting is also crucial to the rustic home decor; to keep to the theme restrict yourself to vintage lighting fixtures and filament bulbs, to make your rooms looking bright and warm. 

Art and Decorations

Art and decorations can help you build a vintage country atmosphere in your rustic home design. Selecting paintings of pastoral scenes, plants and animals from the farm or any quality antique pieces, will really help you create that timeless countryside vibe. In the kitchen, strings of onions, chillis or hops add to the traditional feel whilst the living room can be enhanced with displays of farming tools, equestrians items or other rural artefacts. Feel free to blend in contemporary art and items into your rustic home; too many items from the countryside can look a little tacky but careful selection of quality art and curiosities help put the finishing touches to your rustic home design. 

Concluding Remarks

A rustic home decor can be created in any dwelling and can bring a little bit of countryside cosiness to your living space, even if you live in a megacity. By careful selection of colours, materials, furniture and decorations, you can build a beautiful countryside themed interior wherever you are. 

source: rustic_houses

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