Bubbles And Brickwork: Designing The Dream Rustic Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom

The bathroom is an important room in the home; a private space where we want to relax and look after ourselves, in a clean and warm setting. This article will help you design a rustic bathroom, which is both functional and creates a sense of being in a old-fashioned rural setting. 

Colours and Materials

The colours and materials used in a rustic bathroom are key to creating the desired mood. Any period features in your bathroom should be exploited to create an old-fashioned feel; brick or stonework may be left exposed if possible or left painted and original wood or stone floors rendered waterproof with hardwearing varnish. Whites and lighter shades of grey or colour should make up the dominant block colours in a rustic bathroom design, to maximise the lightness of the space. This may be achieved with paint or ceramic tiles. Stone or wood can also be used effectively in places in the bathroom such as the sink or bath area, to keep things looking rustic but classy.

Bathroom Appliances

Three main items make a bathroom a bathroom; a toilet, a bathtub/shower and a sink. To uphold the rustic bathroom theme, vintage styling should be maintained with these items. A freestanding tin bath is the ultimate rustic bathroom centrepiece and immediately creates an old fashioned atmosphere but this can also be achieved with a classically styled ceramic sink and toilet. Large rectangular farmhouse style sinks look particularly good in a rustic bathroom. In addition to the larger items, showers, fixtures and fittings should also be in keeping with the rustic bathroom style, utilising antique styling where possible in taps, towel rails and mirrors.   

Lighting and Decorations

To keep things bright in a room typically suffering from restricted natural light for privacy reasons, appropriate lighting choices are needed in a rustic bathroom design. Lighting fixtures should maintain a vintage aesthetic, with filament bulbs looking great here, producing warm light and immediately imbuing the space with an old fashion atmosphere. In terms of decoration, tasteful selection of rurally themed artwork or artefacts can help set the tone in your rustic bathroom, whilst fresh-cut flowers help brighten the room with a little natural beauty and add colour to the space. 

Concluding Remarks

Everyone enjoys a good bath to unwind in the evening, a hot shower to get the day rolling and a clean place to brush your teeth. When designing a rustic bathroom for your home, make sure to retain any vintage features in the room, use appropriately styled bathtubs, ceramics and fixtures and fittings, and don’t forget to dress the space with appropriate lighting and decorations. You’ll create a beautiful bathroom with rustic charm that will be a joy to be in.    

source: bathrooms_of_insta

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