Five Elegant Rustic Bedroom Ideas That Will Give Your Rustic Bedroom An Uplift

Although rustic designs can give a bedroom an overall natural and comfortable look, true elegance can be achieved when modern elements are included in a rustic bedroom. A bedroom that is completely rustic stand the chance of losing its sense of chic appeal. A rustic bedroom will make use of neutral color, wood paneling, and may even come with indoor plants. According to one study, indoor plants can help to reduce overall stress. Below are five elegant rustic bedroom ideas that can give your bedroom the uplift that you so much desire;

Use decorative pillows to achieve modern accents

Rustic rooms are renowned for their use of neutral colors. Brown and white are two of the most popular colors that are often used in rustic homes. The inclusion of the right bedding can give a bedroom a perfect rustic appearance. If you wish to add extra color and style to your bedroom you can include throw pillows. These pillows represent a blend of rustic and modern appeal. 

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Animal decor elements to rustic bedroom ideas

The use of animal rugs is common in a lot of rustic homes. But this ends up harming the animal population. The use of faux animal rug is a more humane way of achieving this look without having to harm animals. Also, you get to save a lot of money this way. 

The mounted animal head is another common element found in rustic rooms. You can replace this with plastic animal head molds. You can go a step further by painting and designing these molds, showing off your creativity. 

source: hunkerhome

Install a wooden accent wall

If your suburban home is built with drywall, just like many others, you don’t need to re-wall your home just so you can achieve a rustic look. All you need to do is accent a part of your bedroom wall with rich wooden paneling. In order to create an accented wall, you can place multiple panels together.

source: thecalvertcottage

Ensure you get the right balance using light and dark colors

When designing a room it is important you give a lot of thought to balance. The use of wooden decor will likely make a rustic room appear too dark. The use of light-colored linens can help to balance out the darkness of a rustic room. These white linens offer a contrast to the typical rustic room.

You can also decide to mix light and dark wood shades. This would help add color while still maintaining the rustic appeal. If you are however on a budget, you can decide to paint and stain the wood yourself.

source: malmo_and_moss

Curtain choice is important

When designing a rustic bedroom, you must pay attention to curtain choice. One of the most popular choices for rustic homes is plaid curtains. Wildlife themed curtains can be used to add a sense of nature to modern bedrooms.

Natural light is an important element that makes a rustic room. You can choose shades of dark red and green for your curtains, as this accent properly with rustic tones. 

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