Five Rustic Bathroom Ideas To Try At Home

Armed with the right inspiration, achieving a beautiful bathroom with rustic influence can be a walk in the park, as well as a delight. Texture is essential in creating the right rustic appeal. The use of galvanized metal, reclaimed wood, cast iron, and rough stone play a vital role in the creation of a rustic bathroom. Below are five rustic bathroom ideas that you can easily adopt. These bathroom ideas will allow you to make a big impact with just a few elements;

Open barn wood shelf

Perhaps you are trying to be careful and do not want to go overboard with your rustic design, you can build a charming little shelf made from a weathered and recycled pallet, or even a crate wood. This shelf is apt for storing towels and toiletries. If you wish to give the wood more character, you can go ahead and paint it with a stain that complements your existing decor. 

source: theprettynest

Plumbing Shelves

Plumbing hardware and pipes can be used for the assembling of simple wood shelves in the bathroom. This plumbing hardware and pipes can be used as brackets for these wood shelves and can be used to hold your towel. These shelves can come in any size and can be installed either above the toilet or near a sink. These locations allow for easy and convenient access by guests. The pipes can be installed as is or can be painted with spray paint. You also have the choice to stain and distress the wood shelves so as to enhance their overall effect.

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Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook

You can decide to keep things simple but striking by erecting a rustic towel holder. The towel holder can make use of two wood planks with different sizes which are attached to one another. An antique iron door handle can then be attached to the wood, acting as a unique towel holder. This towel holder is evidence that simple designs can be used in unusual ways to achieve huge impact.

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source: albanian_handcrafts

Window box with Storage

If you wish to, you can bring ideas which are usually seen outside the house, indoors. A good example is framing a mirror with weathered lumber, thereby giving it a traditional “window box” appeal. This box can be used to store your perfumes and other items which you may need for a quick touch up before you leave the bathroom. This box is also apt for a small bathroom as it offers a little extra storage. 

source: natalieabbott_realestate

Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Updating your bathroom lighting fixtures is one of the easiest ways to remodel your bathroom. If you wish to bring rustic design into your bathroom without having to commit to a full remodeling, the Mason jar vanity light is one of the best ways to go. 

source: lulight_shop

To achieve this, cut planks into the desired width and have them stained. You can then proceed to drill holes for wiring and plumbing fixtures which would cover the hole. Chains, which are fed through the plumbing pipe, can be used to carry the weight of the mason jars. What is left now is the wiring and your mason jars can be lighted up for effect and illumination. 

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