Five Rustic Kitchen Design For A Country Home

Although rustic designs are popular in log homes and cabins, you don’t need to be old-fashioned or be in a jungle to play around the design, especially in your kitchen. Rustic kitchen presents a certain warmth and charm, giving a cozy look right in the heart of your home. There are a lot of rustic kitchen inspirations that can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. These ideas would give your kitchen a casual and inviting feel, making it apt for both small spaces and large homes.

These kitchen designs feature amazing natural wood elements, rough-hewn wood beams, old stones that have lived through time, and a few modern elements that blend well with rustic life. Below are five rustic kitchen inspiration;

An element of stone can be just perfect

There is more you can adopt from nature than just wood. Stone is an element that can add an amazing feature to your rustic kitchen. The choice is really yours as you can choose to add hints of stone in the fireplace hearth or you can decide to cover an entire wall with river rock, either way, the idea is to add some stone to your kitchen design. 

Granite and quartz are some of the other rock elements which can equally be used in the kitchen, particularly for the countertops.

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Wood can be bleached white, light and airy

It is not unusual for most people to use dark wood for their rustic design. But when the kitchen is small and dimly lit, you may want to consider using painted or bleached white wood. For instance, the wooden ceiling beams of the kitchen which is made of solid wood can be bleached with white stain, this would make the room look rustic and at the same time large and airy, too. So at the end of the day, you will achieve a rustic and countrified feel, but which is somehow open and modern as well.

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Primitive paint

The quality and age of paint are some of the essential features that qualify a rustic design. A time-worn, chipping and aged paint personifies a rustic kitchen. This is not something anyone who wants squeaky clean, chip-free home would want, rather it is apt for relaxed people. It is quite easy to find primitive painted tables or cabinet at flea markets. But if you are uncomfortable with the level of chipping, you can go ahead to repaint but you must ensure to leave the grooves, dings, and dents so as to keep the rustic feel

source: moj_cieply_kacik

Accessorize your kitchen

Any designer will attest to the fact that accessories can either make or break a design space. Although country accessories are great, such as ceramic roosters pecking on window sills, they are outdated. Instead, accessorize your kitchen with stone pineapple statues, Navajo rugs, twig-style furnishing, woolen textiles, and ornately carved mirrors. 

source: love.mycosyhome

Add an open fireplace

You can also decide to go all out by installing an actual wood burning stove to your kitchen. This fireplace will emit both warmth and glow, paying tribute to days-gone-by. Whether you choose to add a real heirloom stove or you decide to install a new wood-cook stove, either way, you are sure to achieve the country aesthetic that you so much desire. It can really be a delight to cook and bake over an open flame. 

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