How to Refresh your Kitchen Decor Using Brass & Copper

Has your kitchen lost its charm on you? Are you not excited enough to cook meals in your kitchen? Well, we can change all that with just a few simple changes. Sometimes things need refurbishing in order to reignite your interest and heart in them. 

Here are a few ways you can enhance your kitchen décor using brass and copper elements. 

Begin with What’s Easy 

Start small and build your way up to the big changes. We recommend that you begin by changing the lights in your kitchen. Try different warm-colored lights and experiment with showcase lights with copper and brass covers. You should get LED lights that are easy on the eyes and on your electricity bill as well. 

You can use copper-colored ceiling lights here as well. It will add to your décor and will also subtly change the look of your kitchen. 

Examine Your Sink

Next, you ought to head over to your dish cleaning area.

Examine your sink and see if you can replace the taps with copper and brass taps to compliment the light fixtures in your kitchen. These small changes will completely renew your kitchen décor and will also bring back the lost spark that you once felt while preparing your meals. 

Replace Your Tableware

Another area that you can look into for changing your kitchen décor is to slowly replace your tableware to one where you use brass and copper elements more. 

This will be in line with the other changes that you make with your kitchen décor and will totally set the mood and vibe for your kitchen! Start small with a light investment and see if it works for you, if you like the change (and we know you will) then you can go ahead and replace all your tableware. 

Rethinking the Cabinets

The final and most apparent change that we recommend you undertake is to replace your old, worn-out kitchen cabinets in favor of modern ones with copper and brass undertones, that best fit your overall décor. 

Let’s face it, a lot of people put this on the backburner but changing the cabinets can completely change the décor of your kitchen in both, functional and fashionable ways.

If you break up your interior as we have in this article, you will find that changing the kitchen décor using brass and copper elements is completely worth the effort and resources! 

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source: instagram:brasskitchen

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