Rural Dreams: Designing A Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse

Many of us dream of returning to an idyllic pastoral lifestyle; casting aside the stress of the city in favour of a simpler, healthier life out in the country. If you’re looking to create your own rustic farmhouse decor, have a look at this guide to help you design your own beautiful place out in the country. 

Colours and Materials

So you’ve purchased a rustic farmhouse and you’re about to begin renovations to create the perfect country home. Firstly, identify any original or period features such as fireplaces, wooden ceiling beams, stone walls or floors and seek to retain these in your final design with a minimum of preservatory interventions. Retaining these original aspects of the property will give your final rustic farmhouse design authenticity. In terms of colours and materials, contemporary rustic farmhouse looks favour whites and greys on the walls, with a definite preference for all-wood flooring in living and bedrooms and natural stone flooring or ceramics in the bathroom or kitchen. If your property has stonework on the walls, by all means, make the most of it by leaving it exposed. Accents of colour may be added with curtains or the upholstery of soft furnishings.

Furniture and Lighting

Furniture choices in a rustic farmhouse design need to be in keeping with the cosy countryside theme we’re going for. All-wood furniture, either from contemporary manufacturers or antiques look best in a farmhouse. A large wooden dining table and chairs, antique four-poster beds and wardrobes also help you build the rustic theme. Investing in high-quality vintage furniture is crucial to creating the rustic farmhouse atmosphere. Lighting is also critical to the rustic farmhouse look; be sure to select appropriate old fashioned fixtures and fit them with filaments bulbs if you can, to create warm and period looking lighting in your design. 

Art and Artefacts

You can personalise your rustic farmhouse and help build your countryside theme with artwork and props to decorate your home. In the kitchen strings of onions, garlic or hops, hung from the ceiling help build the traditional atmosphere. Vintage agriculture items such as wheels, equestrians items or tools, can be placed on the walls or surfaces of the living room in homage to our farming heritage. Artwork of farm animals, pastoral scenes or antique pieces also help create your rustic farmhouse atmosphere. Don’t go overboard, as these things can look cheesy if you aren’t careful but a few quality pieces here and there blended with contemporary items looks great.

Concluding Remarks

Many people dream of living a rural lifestyle, returning to a simpler way of life in the countryside. If you’re looking to create a rustic farmhouse decor in your home, following these simple design principles of retaining natural materials, selecting appropriate furniture and choosing thematic decorations, will help you create your very own cosy country interior.

Some great pictures representing rustic farmhouse:

source: homebunch

source: farmhouse.charm

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