54+ Rustic Kitchen Table or Island Which Is Better?

If you are reading this article you probably like rustic interior design and also can’t decide between table and island. 

Well this is not an easy task, we can admit that. 

Rustic kitchen table is better option when you have enough space at your kitchen set shelves if all the dishes, gadgets, towels and similar kitchen stuff fits there- that’s perfect, kitchen table might be better option, because it so lower in size, so you can have standard, most important- comfortable chairs and more people can sit next to it.

Rustic kitchen island is better option when your kitchen is not too big and you like to have more space. Also it’s amazing thing to have additional drawers and shelves integrated into the rustic kitchen island. 

But don’t forget about third option! You can have it both. Rustic kitchen island is perfect for a breakfast when you sometimes don’t even have time to sit down. While rustic kitchen table could be used for weekend lunch or family dinner.

We hope that you going to love these rustic kitchen table & island ideas:

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