Rustic Living Ideas To Bring The Countryside Into Your Home

Rustic Living

With the stresses and strain of life in the urban sprawl taking their toll on wellbeing, more and more people yearn for a simpler life in the countryside. If you’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself a place out in the country, these rustic living ideas will give you some interior design principles to help you change your lifestyle and return to the land in style. 

Period Features and Materials

If you’ve purchased a period property such as a cottage or old farmhouse to begin your transition to rustic living, be sure to make the most of any original features in the property such as fireplaces, floors, ceiling beams or staircases in your interior renovations. With a little effort, these features can be cleaned and reinforced to make them viable for day to day use without destroying their original character. For example, original hardwood floors may be sanded and varnished to make a hardwearing floor, fireplaces can be sandblasted and repainted, whilst brick walls and tiles may be cleaned, repointed and regrouted. New flooring, wall or ceiling materials should then be carefully selected to be in keeping with the original style of the property. For example, significant renovations such as new extensions should be constructed with comparable materials and styling to the original building. 

Colour Schemes and Furniture 

Keeping it light is the aim of the game when designing colour schemes for a rustic living environment, with whites and lighter shades keeping things looking bright, even in a period property with restricted natural light and darker natural materials such as wood or stonework. Accent colours can be provided with quality curtains, rugs and upholstery. Rustic living does not mean living without comfort and luxury and this can be achieved with quality vintage furniture choices. Many modern furniture manufacturers produce high-quality all-wood furniture which would not look out of place in a rustic setting but without doubt, antique furniture looks best in a rustic living space, as it will fit well with the period character of the property. 

Lighting and Decoration

A rustic living space should be well light after dark with lighting choices in keeping with the period character of the property; be sure to choose light fixtures with a vintage vibe and fit them with filament bulbs to provide warm light and immediately imbue your space with an old fashioned atmosphere. To decorate your rustic living space, be sure to select some quality artwork paying homage to the rustic theme, perhaps depicting pastoral scenes, plants and animals or old photographs. In addition, don’t forget to personalise your design with contemporary art and items, to make sure it feels like your home.

Concluding Remarks

Many people these days have grown tired of city life and want to move back to the countryside for a healthier lifestyle and to be closer to nature. When designing your home for rustic living, consider preserving any period features in your property, choosing furniture and lighting which will complement the character of your house and decorating the space with items celebrating your rural setting.

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