Simple Decor Tips For A Rustic Living Room

When it comes to creating eclectic spaces, integrating timeless profiles of country-style designs, and bringing warmth to neutral spaces, there is the need for homeowners to adopt a natural décor style that can distinctively reflect their personality. Basically, it’s all about establishing charming looks that will not only enhance country lifestyles but also stand the test of time. 

Creating a cabin vibe for a living room cannot be better expressed without adopting a rustic style. Typically, rustic spaces are built with weathered furnishings. Besides, this doesn’t have to involve a roaring fire, thick piles of wood or chunky, dark timber. Here are some simple décor tips homeowners can apply to enhance their rustic living room. 

Feel free to customize

There are always lots of things to bear in mind when thinking rustic for a living room. While there is an obvious pattern for creating this style, it is, however, imperative to understand the importance of decorating a personalised rustic living room. Ultimately, it is all about evoking a sense of belonging that is relatively embedded in a feeling of warmth. This can be better achieved by making things around the room (such as shelving, trinkets, coffee table, etc.) look naturally desirous. 

source: interior_atlas

Consider traditional elements

As a key factor in creating a living room with rustic appeal, traditional elements such as wood beams are required to be present for such repurposing tasks. Surprisingly, these fixtures can be streamlined into various shapes to create interesting designs of any sort as the homeowner may choose. Just ensure to create fine-tuned forms (like chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves, pendants, stands, etc.) with traditional elements. As long as wood is involved, anything can go to create that unique farmhouse style. 

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Make things look appealing

Most spaces with rustic features are usually considered as old-world. But it is quite interesting to know that homeowners can make their spaces look more appealing in a modernized way while still maintaining the country-side style. Feel free to combine man-made fittings with organic materials to create an appealing rustic living room. One way to achieve this is by collaborating raw and polished finishes to showcase a glossy ceiling or constructing rock-clad walls on concrete floors. Other appealing features that can be applied to create that unique rustic living room flair include a formal chaise, patterned pillows, a striped headboard, and sheer bed curtains. Ensuring that they maintain harmonious rhythms is key here. 

source: gracefulfarmhouse

Play with shapes

Shapes play a huge role when it comes to creating rustic living rooms that please on every level. While observing architectural details, a variety of objects with geometric shapes can be used to improve home décor. Some of these fixtures could include rectangular timber mantels, round mirrors, reclaimed wood beams, and several art pieces. 

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Here some more amazing rustic living room examples:

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