The Do’s And Don’ts Of Designing A Rustic Living Room

Rustic living rooms may seem like a costly idea but there are a wide range of ideas that can meet any budgetary need. You do not have to be a home design expert to get the absolute most out of your rustic living room. Be sure to read on and learn more about the do’s and dont’s of the design process.

Don’t Overlook The Necessity of Natural Materials

In order to create a truly rustic look, it is important to utilize as many natural materials as possible. Choosing materials that are associated with the region is always a great choice. If you are going to be using such materials, there is one crucial piece of advice that needs to be remembered:

Do Pay Close Attention To The Technical Side

Sure, it might be nice to bring in some wood from a different region because it aligns with the rustic living room look that is being created. However, these types of choices cannot be made without taking the time to do the necessary research. If materials have to be transported from a distant location, this may put a damper on the plans that have been made.

source: decorbytwo

Do Choose Materials That Are Native To The Region

A rustic living room is only going to look as good as the materials that are being imported. If the home is situated on the west coast, having a living room full of natural materials that have been flown in from the east is not going to give off a naturalistic vibe. Choosing materials from the area where the home is located is in your best interests. 

source: rustic_meets_modern

Don’t Go Overboard With Certain Textures 

You may find certain textures and materials that you enjoy but that does not mean that they should become the be all end all of your rustic living room. Overusing one material or texture can cause the room to look more modern than originally expected. Mixing the materials allows a homeowner to convey more of a sense of mystery.


Do Incorporate Trends As You See Fit

While the rustic living room should maintain a certain “old school” appeal, there is no problem with incorporating any trends that you are fond of. Be sure not to overdo it, so that the room does not take on a more modernized appearance. Modern materials should be used very judiciously. 

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Don’t Select The Wrong Natural Materials

There are certain natural materials that are going to look much nicer in the rustic living room than others. As a rule of thumb, the natural materials that should be chosen will predate World War II. Once the second World War concluded, building materials started to become far modern and a bevy of new design principles came into play. 

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