The Perfect Rustic Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, there are only very few décor types that can create something close to simplistic country nature like the rustic style. The rustic style is commonly adopted to design fresh, contemporary bathrooms that support every bit of the environment. Inspired by nature, every design element applied in this uniquely chic style tends toward creating a refreshing feeling of a cabin life in the woods. 

For those looking to remodel their own bathroom in a distinct farmhouse style, here are some inspirational rustic bathroom ideas that are perfect for any home. 

Go all natural

As earlier mentioned, it is best to adopt full naturalist features when considering decorative features appropriate to the country lifestyle. In other words, designers need to try as much as possible to be naturally plain and simple as this is basically what the rustic style entails. Natural elements like antique terra cotta pottery, cast iron, and dark wood are highly suitable for such décor. In a bid to establish that unique natural look, most decors often feature carved and fretted furnishings with the resemblance of tree branches. Ultimately, a rustic bathroom should be able to present the feeling of being in a cabin in the woods. 

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Use raw materials

Decorators will surely want to try and infuse as many raw materials as possible when designing a rustic bathroom. Usually, this entails the use of certain features made of common natural materials like brass, wood, and stone. These include but not limited to wooding shelving, brazen doors, rustic vanities, and stone-made sinks. When it comes to using raw materials, wood is often predominantly used with warm walnut or faded oak being excellent choices. These materials are commonly employed to create that desired weathered, rustic feel for bathroom furniture, such as vanity units and countertops. 

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Apply a textured wall effect

Usually, raw options are more considered when it comes to developing rustic bathroom ideas for the walls. These could include painted brick, curved stone or polished concrete. Paint is commonly used to create a textured wall effect in this scenario. However, there are also various ways decorators can effectively establish a natural wall effect for the bathroom in any desired texture. One of such ways is the use of bricks to create a traditionalist-styled wall or the use of marbles or stones to form a rock-like enclose. Whichever way, it all depends on choice. 

source: bathrooms_of_insta

Having a traditional décor is great but it is imperative to understand that it is still very much possible to create a rustic bathroom that measures up to the latest trends in terms of furnishings, textures, and colors. The main object here is to effectively create that natural feeling that is typically associated with the country lifestyle. 

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