Tips On How To Create Some Rusticity In Your Bathroom

Creating a rustic bathroom may be easier than people think. It depends on the creativity of the occupants and the kind of bathroom in question. Here are some helpful tips in creating a rustic bathroom.

It is always a good idea to search online

The first and most important step is to search online for several ideas and images of rustic bathrooms. This will ignite some creativity. Most of all, it will give a lot of ideas on how to repurpose some old items. For instance, old rusted pipes can be repurposed into a bathroom wall rack for towels.

The hardwood floor always cuts it

In giving a touch of rusticity to bathrooms, hardwood floors is always the best. This is because many ancient bathrooms had hardwood floor and this will bring out the rusticity in the bathroom. However, very little can be done to tiles or concrete floor. Other ways can be deployed to add some rusticity to the bathroom.

source: lacecustomdesigns

Mirrors are better framed with old wood

You can frame your bathroom mirror with old wood. The older the wood, the more rustic your bathroom will feel. You could even whitewash it before using it. You may also decide to polish the wood instead of whitewashing. Its all good for the purpose.

source: brownies_forever_farmhouse

Get an old standalone bath

If there is enough space, you can take your bathroom “back to the days” with an old standalone bath. You could repaint it before installing it. White should be a great color for it.

source: innatmeadowcroft

What about your fixtures

Can you still find your old fixtures? Instead of using modern levers in your bath and sink, you can replace them with old-looking crossover fixtures. They will go a long way in giving your bathroom the look and feel you have been longing for. 

source: edwardvanvlietofficial

However, it is not likely you find such old fixtures since they have been out of use for a long time. You are lucky if you do find them but if you don’t, you can apply other tips. 

Touch the walls too 

Your bathroom walls will also play an important role in this. You can use old pipes or repurposed wood to create a wall rack or shelf. The shelf will be for your towel and other toiletry. You can also hang some painting or artworks to complete the feel.

source: covebrook

Plant some flowers

You can plant some flowers and place it in your bathroom if there is enough space. The plant will not only decorate it but will also add some natural feel to it. You don’t have to use any modern flower vase. An old piece of plastic or jar will do. 

source: rvk_loves

There is always a silver lining in every negative situation. If you have not been able to modernize or retrofit your bathroom in more than a decade, it is already close to a rustic bathroom so with little efforts, you can make it complete. 

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