Tying The Knot Country-Style: Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding

Getting married is a joyous celebration, a chance to celebrate the love between two people and get together with friends and family for a memorable party. For folk who love the countryside almost as much as each other, a rustic wedding theme creates a lovely rural atmosphere for your big day. This article will give you some ideas about how to create a rustic wedding to remember, through careful selection of colours, decorations and lighting. 

Colour Schemes

Whites traditionally dominate wedding colour schemes and a rustic wedding is no different; whites may be applied in table clothes, the roofs of tents and awnings and furniture. A few accent colours in the form of soft furnishings can also look good but should be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm the heavenly wedding vibe. Choose a few accent colours and stick to them to keep things looking classy. To contribute to the rustic feel, also include some hessian shades and wood textures where you can.

Flowers and Decorations

Flowers and decorations are crucial to the rustic wedding design and are an opportunity to add some colour to your white wedding canvas. Roses are a classic flower choice and can look good in almost any colour, though try to stick to your chosen accent colour palette. If you have a favourite flower feel free to go with that but to keep with the rustic wedding theme, consider including wildflowers or decorations composed of bushels of hops or wheat, to create an agricultural vibe. Flower arrangements or reefs look great as centrepieces on tables and should always include attractive green foliage such as vines, not just flowers. Other rustic wedding decorations include countryside artwork, rural props or wooden signs with wedding-related messages. Flowers and decorations add a sense of natural beauty and rural theatre to the rustic wedding decor but should also reflect the personalities of the people getting married, as after all this is their day. 

Furniture and Lighting

Rustic wedding furniture should be neutrally coloured, classically styled and functional, typically restricted to tables and chairs for diners but also consider beans bags or sofas for tired revellers to flop onto later in the evening. To add a rustic touch, include hay bales as benches in outdoor areas or on the edge of the dance floor. Lighting is critical to setting the romantic mood of a wedding; abundant festoon lighting and fairy lights create a warm and enchanted atmosphere in any wedding venue and add to the magical theatrics of the setting. On the tables for diners, candles, tealights or elegant lamps look great and make sure everyone can see what their eating after dark. 

Concluding Remarks

A couple’s wedding day should be a beautiful celebration of love and family. A rustic wedding theme is a great way to celebrate the bride and groom’s love of the countryside and each other, by adding rural elements in the colour scheme, flowers and decorations and furniture choices, to make your wedding decor almost as beautiful as the couple getting hitched.   

Take a look at these gorgeous pictures:

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